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Some super cute kid/baby things

Cosy Feet Slippers



Cocoon Set


Cluster and Stripe Legwarmers


Long Tailed Baby Elf Hat


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If I ever become brave enough to jump into clothing…

Here are some things I would love to make.

V Neck Topper


Team Spirit


Rows ‘O Ruffles

Crochet Bronze Beauty


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So many ideas not enough time

I have the best job in the world. I spend my days and nights meeting people from all over the country.  I have experienced every emotion known to man through my finger tips. I learn something new every day. I see the worst and the best in humanity. In most days, my heart is full.

That being said…

I have so many great ideas for my crochet projects. They range from adorable baby booties, to funky hats and one of a kind blankets. There is one big problem to accomplishing these… time. In a perfect world I would spend my days with my husband and my pups, surrounded by patterns, hooks and yarn. My coffee mug would always be full. The radio would most likely be playing Jack Johnson. Next to my pile of yarn, on the table, would be a notebook filled with “sc 4, dc 36, sk 1” scribbles which could only be understood by me. How cool would it be to develop a pattern that other people would enjoy making? 

I would come up with a way for anyone to custom design a blanket, submit it to me and I would create it. If you could, essentially, design your own blanket, pick your colors and know it would be made with great quality, wouldn’t you jump all over it? I would. There is nothing better on cool nights than snuggling up on the couch with a blanket that is soft, durable and one of a kind.

Then spend my evenings working as the interpreter I’ve loved becoming.

What would your dream day look like?


Seahwaks baby booties

Spirit: Seahawks Booties


Newborn Size $20+$3 for shipping.

Super cute rain boot style booties. These are done in Seahawks colors. Perfect timing for football season.

Bottoms are a dark blue. Body is light green. Top is light blue. The pictures are not the best since I’m only working with my cell phone.

I am open to custom orders. Just let me know your team colors. Allow up to two weeks for items to made and shipped. An extra $5 is added to all custom orders.

If you’re interested in purchasing the pattern to make for yourself here is the link to the etsy shop.

Her patterns are worth purchasing. They are extremely clear. She also includes picture tutorials for some of the more tricky parts. In her patterns she includes links to her blog and to more of her tutorials.

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Why does everything need a title?

I have so many new things going on at the moment.
I am making a beautiful baby blanket for J and I’s god son D. His momma picked out all the colors. It amazing how a basket of yarn can turn into such intricate pieces of art. Maybe I am just boosting my ego.
But think about it. I start with this…


And it becomes this…



The colors I am working with are (center circle to outside) : terracotta the picture looks red but it is more of an Arizona orange, soft taupe, aqua, linen sweet pea and (not pictured) chocolate. The colors are so much rich in person. I turned the one picture into gray-scale to keep some things a surprise.

The pattern is wonderful. Circle of friends is a free pattern. At first it’s a wee-bit confusing.  I am used to not turning patterns worked in the round. In order to get those wonderful bumpies you have to work in the wrong side. Now I am cranking the squares out like a machine.

If you’re interested in the pattern check out this link:

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