Getting ready




I am gearing up for another photo shoot with my fantastic friend. I am hoping to have four base blankets done by next Friday. These will be blankets that are easily customizable for color preferences. I already have two finished. Both I have loved making. And I am trying to keep my focus on different patterns instead of making up several more. I am in the middle of two more. One of which I can’t put down. The other I am feeling so so about right now. I am hoping it is one of those blankets I fall in love with once it is all put together and cleaned up.  Here is a sneak peak of three blankets.

(All photos are taken with my phone, so not the best of color or quality. )


Baby D’s blanket

I know I’ve posted a few things related to this blanket. Now that Baby D’s Momma has the blanket ready for his arrival I can show off the final project.







I can’t wait to meet the little guy who’s going to be bundled up it. 🙂

What is my favorite thing to make?

One of the most popular questions I’m asked is: “What is your favorite thing to make?”

Without hesitation my favorite thing to make is blankets. More specifically the Babette blanket. It is a blanket that is made up of (up to 17!) different colors and square sizes.

After spending several months drooling over pictures of other versions online I decided to buy the pattern. I will link the pattern at the bottom of the page if you’re interested in making your own. I remember running out to the yarn store and picking out my colors. It was so much pressure at first trying to decide what colors to choose. I finally just grabbed about 15 different skeins ( that’s what those round things of yarn is called) that I just liked. I didn’t bother trying to make sure they all matched together. The minute I got home, I pulled up the pattern and started working. I couldn’t put my hook or yarn down. I decided to not make the full size blanket. Instead I made it a lap size.

Some time later I had this beauty


J instantly claimed it as his blanket.


Last year our close friend asked for one for her birthday. We went to the store together and she picked out her own colors. This is the full size pattern.



So why do I love this pattern so much? It makes color combinations I would never thought of on my own. It is unique. This isn’t your grandma’s afghan! It can be as simple as two colors and as complex as 17.

Here is baby babette I made with only two colors.


If you’re interested in your own custom babette feel free to contact me. Please allow up to 8 weeks for completion of blanket.

All prices are based on acrylic yarn. I can make the blankets in any type of yarn, but prices will be effected depending on which type of yarn you’d prefer.

Here is a flikr pool of other babettes:

If you’d like to make your own :

Photo credit to Sandra! Thank you 🙂