Giving Back

One of the things I love about the yarn community is their willingness to always give back.

Some of you have heard about the penguins in New Zealand. There was a need for sweaters to help protect the oil slicked penguins. An overwhelming amount of people from all over the world sent one of a kind penguin sweaters.

rex penguin sweaters ll 111020 wblog New Zealand Penguins in Need of Sweaters

On a more local level, in 2010 I asked for a hand in making a blanket for my best friend’s silent auction for her 3-Day team. The response was way more than I expected. Each person sent me squares of different sizes. My task was to join them all together into one big blanket. Squares were sent from as close as home and as far away as Scottland.

It has been a while since I have given back.

Yesterday I stumbled across this.

This is a picture from last year. Scarves are handed out at the Winter Special Olympics. Every year they have a different color scheme. This year the colors are navy and red. Washington’s goal is to collect 1,000 scarves by February 1st., 2012.

Who is wanting to join me in making scarves? I will take care of collecting them and sending them off. If you’ve never crocheted, I can teach you! It’s a perfect opportunity to learn!