Ravellenics 2012 event wip blue lagoon


Day one of Ravellenics 2012

Today J and I went to Kingston on a date day. We packed up of bags and headed towards the ferry. I brought with me a couple skeins of navy yarn and my project book.

I patiently waited until 1pm, the official start time of the Olympic Opening Ceremonies, to cast on the first square.

I love being a passenger! Between the car and the ferry I was able to finish 6 filler squares.

Watching the olympics I finished bordering the rest of then swap squares from blue lagoon. Is now deciding what squares are going to which blanket.








WIP Round-up

Wow! I just sat down and wrote out a list of all the blankets I have started and plan to gift within the next year. I have 7 blankets, 7 swap blankets, and 3 baby blankets. I have 6 more planned to go out by next May! Busy bee.

Blankets: In order to keep some recipients a surprise I will code name some of the blankets.

Kelly and Mark’s wedding Babette I am beyond words on how late this blanket is. Their two year wedding anniversary is coming up in now time. I might just have to mail it out to them in order for them to get it by their anniversary.
For Phil I was hoping to gift this one for her birthday but that was last weekend. I am more than 2/3 of the way with all the joining. I am working on it non-stop until the opening ceremonies of the Olympics.
Ravellenics blankets Whenever there is a large sporting event Ravelry will host their own version of the games. Knitters, cricketers, spinners and various other skills set their own personal goals. This is done to build community, competition, and to challenge your own squares. My project for the games will be to use up my squares from one of my swaps to make 3 blankets. I will be bordering each square, making 24 filler squares, joining and bordering each blanket withing the time of the Olympics. Will you be watching?
Comfort’ghan there are times in everyone’s life when you could use a blanket to wrap yourself in and feel as if several friends are wrapping their arms around you. A family is in need of a few extra hugs. A total of 5 blankets are being made for a family in need of many, many hugs. I have agreed to take the work of other crocheters and join their squares into one of the blankets. It’s truly amazing the love and positive energy you can feel from these squares.
baby stars I am making a couple of star blankets for siblings. The baby shower is next month which means I should have then done sooner, not later.

Is that enough for now?? I really can’t help myself once I get started with ideas. I just need more hours in the day to make all my ideas happen.

The journey of Roz’s Daisy Blanket

My current finished project is setting in the dryer right now. A co-worker saw the colorful daisy blanket I made and asked if I would make one for her niece. She decided on a soft green background, deep purple for the petals, and a soft cream for join.image

This blanket had quite the journey. When J and I went to Hawaii in June I made sure to pack my yarn. By the time I left Hawaii I had 3/4 of the squares finished.

I finished joining and bordering the blanket a month ago. It sat in my almost done pile since last night. Between Phil’s blanket and the ravellenics I didn’t quite finish it. I get so exited about a new project that I put off weaving the ends until the very end. Why I don’t take care of them right away is beyond me.

The good news is she is ready to go to her new home.