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The journey of Roz’s Daisy Blanket

on July 6, 2012

My current finished project is setting in the dryer right now. A co-worker saw the colorful daisy blanket I made and asked if I would make one for her niece. She decided on a soft green background, deep purple for the petals, and a soft cream for join.image

This blanket had quite the journey. When J and I went to Hawaii in June I made sure to pack my yarn. By the time I left Hawaii I had 3/4 of the squares finished.

I finished joining and bordering the blanket a month ago. It sat in my almost done pile since last night. Between Phil’s blanket and the ravellenics I didn’t quite finish it. I get so exited about a new project that I put off weaving the ends until the very end. Why I don’t take care of them right away is beyond me.

The good news is she is ready to go to her new home.



One response to “The journey of Roz’s Daisy Blanket

  1. crystal sunday says:

    Really love the colors you chose! So pretty~

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