Where in the world have I been?

I guess I am not so great at this blogging thing.

I ended the 2012 year making some of my most favorite blankets for some of my most favorite people, a few baby and sibling blankets, some comfortghans, a few hats, a few scarves, and I continued to practice knitting.

Here are some of my adventures. Please excuse the Instagram snapshots. My goal for this year is to take better, actual, pictures. 🙂

For one of my BFF’s I made a log cabin style blanket. It has been one of my favorite finished blankets to date. I still think about making another one just about every week. Here is a picture without the border.


Another BFF now has one of my favorite blankets to make : the Babette. I have made about 6 of these now. I made this one in fun, dramatic colors to match her personality.


There are a few great things that happen in the online yarn community that is Ravelry.com. One is swapping handmade items. A group I belong in swaps between 12-20 squares in a coordinating theme. In one of my previous posts I talked about the blue lagoon swap. The second great thing is something that happens along side of the Olympics. People set up their goals and work during the length of the events starting with opening ceremonies. This year I decided to take my 20 blue squares and turn them into 3 lap-sized blankets for my husband and his cousins. I finished in time!


I made my first sibling blankets for a family I adore. Both Daisy square blankets. I only have a picture of the older sister’s blanket. The baby sister’s blanket was a 3 X 3 of daisies in more muted colors.
The other sibling blankets I made were stars. The big sister got bright girlie colors. Baby brother got soft, sweet boy colors. I didn’t get a picture of these before I gifted them.


In my goal to make blankets for all of my family, I made my sister a blanket that matched the tones in her living room. Seriously, my pictures suck.


I fell in love with infinity scarves this year. I made a whole stash before the morning sickness kicked in. Most I have gifted out.


And this was another swap blanket for my favorite sister-in-law.


This year I hope to make a bunch of new blankets for people to love.

Follow me on Instagram for (probably too many) progress shots of my many on going projects. That is including Baby, coming August 2013. 🙂 ShelbySheasStitches


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