What goes into making a blanket: part one

What exactly goes into making a blanket ? Most know yarn is involved, maybe a couple of those pointed sticks, but what does it really mean to make a blanket.

I am going to use a recent baby blanket I made for a co-worker as an example. As soon as I hear someone is expecting my brain starts planning. I wonder what colors they will use for their baby. Will they find out the gender? What is their general style? I start researching patterns for possibilities.

Colors are next. I was lucky enough to see a picture of the nursery and was able to decide on these colors.


Now that I have the colors I can finalize the pattern. I used a mix of parents style and nursery theme. I picked Promise Petals, a free pattern at Ravelry.


Now the fun starts. I decided the final blanket would be a 4 X 3 quilt style. I cranked out 12 squares in a couple weeks. For this square it made more sense to make it in an assembly line.

Center flowers first



I didn’t snap pictures of the squares with the background added. Each full square took roughly an hour to make.

Next I joined the squares. Which is another two or so hours.


I picked out a pretty border. Another couple of hours. Then it’s ready for the wash.


Not the best picture, but here she is all done. Ready for Baby Girl Munson to make her debut in a few weeks.


My blankets are, usually, one of a kind, and customizable. I don’t follow one specific blanket pattern , but pull from several resources.