7 of my favorite things

I have lots of favorites. The list for now is things that help me throughout any given project.

1. Pencil box:

I found this pencil box at Target for  50 cents. It is perfect to store my hooks, business cards, pens, needles and any other crochet items I might need. There might even be a love note or two in there.

2. Stretchy thing:

This looks super silly. It’s made with a stretchy plastic. If you pull your yarn from the center of the skien this helps with keeping it together and avoids tangling. So simple and so genius.

3. Wine glass

 One of my least favorite things to do is weaving in ends. Most of my projects that I make myself still have dangly ends. To make the chore more fun, I grabbed a stemless wineglass and fill it up with my scraps. It’s fun to see all the different colors from all my projects in one place.

4. Notebook

 I have notebooks for everything, crocheting is no different. I like this small one with pockets on the side. The front has a cute flower on it and has a stretchy cord to keep it shut. I keep track of pattern ideas, color ideas, notes and to do lists.

5. Scissors

These scissors are amazing. They have not dulled at all. The light blue piece moves so that I can hook them to various places. I can hook it to places like the strap of my bag, or the stretch piece to my pencil box. The gray piece in the middle locks the blades. I have accidentally cut projects in the past from scissors opening up in my bag. These are about the size of the child size type, but they come in all sizes.

6. Project bag

You can get really creative with project bags. I have used everything from reusable grocery bags, purses and my favorite gardening bag. On a side note, my Mom is the best Macy’s shopper. She found this bag for me for a fraction of the price. There are six of the small size pockets and the middle is big enough for me to carry around around 8 different balls of yarn. The pockets keep everything I might need in a day. I make sure this bag is prepared with a project at all times.

7. www.Ravelry.com

I know this isn’t a “thing” but it is the best resource out there for anyone who knits or crochets. There is a very large data base of patterns. There are groups for just about everything (favorite t.v. show, books, types of yarn, favorite pattern, due date, and lots more). You can also browse other projects for a pattern you’re  interested in. If  I need help or inspiration this is the first place I go to.